Fuel outage


EDIT: As of April 14, fuel service has been restored.  We thank our customers for their patience.


As part of our migration to a new fuel tank for our 100LL sales operation, we will temporarily be unable to serve customers starting today, March 29 2016 and lasting no more than two weeks.  We understand that this may be an inconvenience and sincerely hope that it doesn't affect anyone's plans.

If you need up to date information you may always call our office at (570) 253-5833.

Again, we apologize for any trouble.

Runway lights repaired

The situation with the runway lights has been fixed, and the airport is operational at night again.  Be aware, however, that we do not have perfect coverage with our lights, and in particular, the taxiways are not lit.  Use caution when taxiing, and please call the manager at (area code 757) 726-7421 if you need help.